Sunday, November 21, 2010

Types of Heart Diseases - Cure and Treatment of Heart Diseases

Heart diseases have been a deadly disease that has struck people worldwide including renowned athletes that are struck by heart attack. You must empower yourself with the types of heart diseases to be able to know the best possible methods of heart diseases treatment.
There are three main types of heart disease:
1. Those associated with infections
2. Those associated with high blood pressure
3. Those associated with the disease of the coronary artery
The first above that is associated with infections first take the form of rheumatic fever. It is prevalent in children usually between 6-12 years of age.
The type of heart disease that is associated with blood pressure takes the form of hypertension. In this case, when the blood pressure is consistently high, the heart is forced to work harder. This causes hypertension which eventually leads to heart attack.
Those associated with the coronary artery. This type of heart disease is most prevalent in the middle and old ages. This has indeed caused the death of lots of people especially women in the United States. This manifests in the closure of the coronary artery. The coronary artery is the one that supplies blood to the heart. The most serious accident which may occur in this type of heart disease is the closure of the coronary artery or the rupture of one of the blood vessels. This eventually leads to coronary heart diseases.
For the cure and treatment of heart disease, you must note the classes of food that contribute to the hygiene of the heart and also identify those that cause damage to the heart. Regular exercise is also necessary.
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