Friday, November 19, 2010

Glyconutrients As An Essential Help To Treat Heart Disease

Glyconutrients are being called "the biggest revolutionary change in the war against disease". They are newly discovered class of nutrients that have powerful effects on the immune system because of their ability to aid proper cellular communication. Science has established that the body uses glyconutrients to prevent infections and disease, and slow down the aging process.

Glyconutrients show medical improvement in every major group of disease such as chronic fatigue, cancer, asthma, diabetes, urinary infections, heart disease, and many more. When used along with chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation treatments, have lessened the side effects of these treatments and helps the body to recover and heal more quickly than if these treatments were implemented alone.

The discovery of Glyconutrients and heart disease as one of the diseases it may be able to reverse, has led to great hopes of finally being able to battle this disease. To better understand the dramatic results in people after taking glyconutrients is a need to understand at how the disease process begins within the body. They are not prescription drugs that are prescribed to heal or cure any particular conditions rather that they are a food. The fact is, glyconutrients are eight essential sugars that are not always readily available in our food chain. Most of our diets only contain two of these sugars today, although the body can manufacture six of the other sugars, stress and other factors has slowed down or halted the process. When this happens, proper cell functions are disrupted or cells begin to miss-communicate resulting to the start of disease process.

In the case between the two, like the normal functions of glyconutrients in the body, once the disease process begins, the immune system identifies that something is wrong and tries to defend the body against the disease. If the immune system has enough "ammunition" to fight the disease, the body will return to its original state of health. However, if the body is not equipped to handle the disease, then the disease begins the upper hand and health declines. Adding these sugars to your diet allows your body to win the war against diseases and heal itself. Glyconutrients allow the body to "treat" or defend itself against diseases.

Glyconutrients and heart disease go hand-in-hand, as adding glyconutrients to ones diet especially those who suffer from heart disease will bring great benefits to the healing process as well as the prevention of further complications. The effectiveness of the two things rate reduction amongst the general public will be a driving determinant for glyconutrients playing a leading role in the emerging twenty first century wellness industry.

A person should consider glyconutrients as an essential part of their overall nutritional program.
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