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How to Understand Disease

This is very important that you understand, this week's topic. We want to understand how disease work so that we can focus on the 'opposite.' It is never meant to be a 'study of disease' because when we study disease, we put more energy into disease, we will get more disease, more hybrid diseases coming into existence, because where we focus, energy flows to, which means we get more of it instead of less of it... Or if you would like, the law of attraction, where you focus you attract.
How ever you choose it, when you understand disease, please, please keep it simple, else it becomes a study, which means you are giving energy to disease instead of the opposite!
You leave it, you leave the disease at that then do the opposite of disease, after all we are living in the world of duality. Disease is essentially 'state of existence' of the dis-ease of the mind manifested in the physical body. Disease comes into existence, it will go through the process of birth, growth and death!
The questions really are:
· when will, the disease die, after all when the disease die, we as human being have the health to which we desire, isn't it?
· How long does it live?
· What does it live on?
Disease come into existence by a single 'seed' of thought, a single seed of disharmonious thought. That's the beginning of disease in its potential of becoming a full grown matured disease.
When it comes into existence, like any baby, animals, virus, bacteria, it choose to 'survive' for as long as it could. It has a consciousness or if you like, 'survival instinct' to continue its existence before disappearing back to where it came from in the first place, into nothing-ness where thought, the first seed came from.
The process begins as it comes into existence, it strive to prolong its existence, as any humans do also, it wants to live, so it birthed, then it grows by living onto some 'food' to survive then when the food stops, like the dinosaurs, becomes extinct, dies! This is the simplicity we want you to have in understanding disease!
To cause the disease to come to the end, to die, because when disease dies, you have the health you desire, so you want the disease to die. There are 2 ways to do it.
· Remove the original seed of thought;
· Stop feeding the disease.
Disease cannot exist, like mosquitoes in moving water (energy continues to flow). Where there are stagnant water, mosquitoes grows. When there are stagnant energy within the body, disease begin its birthing and grows. Let's call it the 'disease environment'. The disease will only live in environment of 'stagnation', absence of disease when its environment is 'moving'.
So we have now 3 components to disease:
· Original seed of disease;
· Food of disease;
· Environment of disease.
We have left out the environment for simplicity sake, which you will understand when we are finished, because the environment provide the 'food' for disease, it is very much related.
You can get by without having to think of it yet it is important enough to be mentioned because when you remove the environment, the disease will die also, because there is no food for disease to live.
· Original seed of disease is the original thought of disharmony with its host
(YOU, what you want to do)!
· Food of disease is STRESS, any form of stress, things that we want to do, but prevented from doing, seeing someone you dislike or causes you stress that you have to, no choice to live with because of what ever commitment you have etc.
· Environment of disease is STAGNATION of energy. A place where the energy is prevented from flowing, a place where everything you do is looked upon as a 'no no', or simply put, no freedom of expression.
These are the 3 components of disease, think of it as the oxygen of disease for it to come into existence and stay in existence, without which the disease will begin to die.
As mentioned, food of disease and environment of disease is very closely related because food exist in the disease environment.... Because the environment of disease is stress, which is the food for disease. When you starve the disease it dies.
Please note, disease can die, but it can come back to live again, as I have learned from the plants by our good friend, Mr Wong who works with plants. He tells me that plants even thought it has dried, can appear to be dead, but later it CAN come back to live, when the environment is suitable to begin life again, it is sort of like a 'hibernation mode'. What we are saying is when the disease appears to have died, when you put the person back into the same disease environment, the disease can come back to live again! So be careful when you put the person back into the disease environment.
Okay, lets begin to put the whole together to understand how disease work.
Disease comes into existence because of the 'original seed' of disharmony. It then lives within the host when it is feed from its environment. When the food stops, it dies.
The question then is, will the disease ever die before the host?
Yes, the disease can die before the host die, that's the objective of this understanding, else there is no need to understand it... Because normally, the disease makes the host die! Yes, disease die when the food runs out, the host is the environment for the disease, when the food runs out, as in when the host dies, the disease also dies... Sometimes if it becomes 'strong' it can even migrate to another host!
The host's environment outside the body is the food for the disease within! It is related!
It is that simple.
· When you remove the environment, the disease begins to die.
· When you remove the original seed, the disease dies.
When the disease environment changes, the disease begins to die because the food runs low. When the original seed is removed, the environment changes back to how it was. The environment of disease is 'stagnation' of energy flow with-in as a result of the stagnation of energy flow with-out. Again, the disease environment is 'stress' or 'stagnant energy flow'. Which is food for disease. When you remove it, disease dies, which is our objective.
You have heard of people and even study done, that when a person stops working, the life span of the person is about 1.5 years after stopping the job. The energy stops to flow, the stagnation of energy flow exist and the disease takes hold, live off the host until the host dies, the disease dies.
But there are those who seem to defy the statistics. When you observe them, when they stop
work, they have 'hobbies' that they enjoy and that means 'they move the energy', stagnation of energy is absence, which means disease environment is absence, which means you have health instead of death.
The original thought is more challenging because it resides in the 'past', the host's past. You need to resolve that, some times to 'find' the original seed of disease is a challenge by itself, they do not want to remember, they suppress it so well that they literally do not remember, hence the seed continues to exist within the host, which means they may recover but it remain in 'hibernation mode', the seed will re-animate itself some time later.
Simply put.
· Remove the seed of disease or starve the seed!
Starve the seed is the most viable considering that people are getting better and better at hiding their seeds of disease. That means to make the environment so starve of disease food that disease dies instead of thrive!
Remove the person from the environment and allow them to do what ever they want to do!
That means to be happy doing what they want without restriction, that means the energy begin to move within, that means you are starving the seed of disease, that means an absolute absence of 'stress'. Even like you should not be doing that! The inkling of 'guilt' must also be removed and just allowed to do what ever the host wants for a prolong period of time until the disease dies...
How long does that take? Normally 3 months will be sufficient! But it can take as long as it does or as short as it does! To make it even simpler. BE YOURSELF! Do what you want, when you want, how you want and LIVE! Living is moving waters that prevents stagnation of energy flow, that's living water! Hope you understand and now you do the opposite for health. Be 'relaxed' and be 'you'. How about those who already have the disease?
JUST REMOVE them from their EXISTING ENVIRONMENT! For 3 months in a relaxed environment (which is the non-disease environment)! From everyone they know, they love, they hate, just let them be OUT OF THE ENVIRONMENT ENTIRELY!
Some times the environment can MOVE together with the disease host. So be careful! The moving disease environment shall mean the 'person' who is very close to the host!
All the best. Now live the opposite, opposite of a disease environment! That means RELAX and be YOU! To health!
About the Author:
Stephen is an internationally certified Trainer of Master NLP, Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy, Trainer of Master Hypnotherapy accredited with ABNLP, TLTA, ABH. Stephen is the Regional Director for Seraphim Blueprint for training of teachers and students for all 6 levels. Stephen is also the creator of Oracodes Evolution Codes Program. More details

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