Saturday, December 11, 2010

Human Growth Hormone - Real Fact

Historically, a scientist named Choh Hao Li was the first one who discovered the identification, purification and synthesis process of growth hormone. Then, his researched was led to the first used of Human Growth Hormones (HGH) for human therapy in 1981.
Basically, the growth hormone is built of protein-based polypeptide hormone. In humans, it reacts as a stimulator for growth process, cell reproduction and also regeneration of cells. As far as we know, the entire of our body including cells, tissues and organs is a construction of proteins. So, the HGH has used widely as a supplement in order to have a healthy lifestyle. In the athlete world, they are using to incline muscle mass development.
More than that, HGH also used to reduce the cholesterol level, reduce blood pressure, enhance the immune systems, stronger the bones, reduces wrinkles and other benefits. Many also report that HGH can slow the aging process and directly energize their health. But, as a smart consumer, some HGH Energizer Review steps should be read before we decide to buy or start any human growth hormone.
In conclusion, the HGH is a good supplement for us in order to have a healthy lifestyle. We should always do some revision on health article and incisive the right supplement so that it will be more effective and safe. The choice is there and we decide it.

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