Saturday, December 11, 2010

Boost your life with vitamins

You may know everything about vitamins and supplements, but do you really apply in your daily life? In fact, about 150,000 cancer cases could be prevented yearly if the consumption of vitamin D is at the optimum levels. Unfortunately, the numbers of cases are growing bigger and bigger over the years.
Woman taking vitamin
Woman taking vitamin
In year 2006 in the United States, almost 56,561 people killed because of hypertension and the statistic recorded that 74.5 million people are suffering this killer disease. Actually, hypertension occurs when the arteries is no longer elastic as usual because of the formation of cholesterol. This bad situation meaning heart must be worked harder than before. Finally, if the pressure keeps increasing and stressing the heart, it’ll lead to the heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, arthritis, etc.
Seeing these nightmare diseases, something has should be done in order to prevent it from getting us. Some of preventive methods such as herbal medication, regular exercise, high blood pressure supplements, good in managing stress, osteoarthritis complex, and eat healthy heart diet surely may help us.
In conclusion, even though the day seems getting shorter now, we shouldn’t leave our body lacking in essential healthy lifestyle. Be wise in what we eat.

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